Coaching for Peak Performance

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Course Overview

Instructor: Kevin Mulcahy
Subject: Coaching For Peak Performance
Duration: 00 Hour 40 Minutes
Level: Beginner
Pre-requisites: There are no prerequisites for this course.


This course on 'Coaching for Peak Performance' will help you assess and take action on coaching members of your team towards their peak performance. Most employees receive very little coaching. Few managers are skilled in even the basic skills of coaching. This course will help you to build core coaching skills that you can apply with any coachee, moving them closer to their peak performance.

Kevin Mulcahy


Kevin is an experienced coach and educator on helping seasoned and newly promoted leaders be better leaders of themselves, their teams and their organizations. Kevin regularly facilitates webinars and events for HR leaders. He has a keen sense of the skills and traits that organizations seek in promoting individuals to their next level of people leadership.

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